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For global peace, think & act locally.

Peacekeeping efforts by United Nations depends on donations by member nations and have often been underfunded, understaffed, and may under-utilize the input and interests of local people according to a recently published essay. Top down political treaties or promotion of elections may not address the problems of average citizens and may be seen as intrusive rather than helpful. Asking what problems individuals or groups want to work on resolving and what methods may be preferred by the local groups, may lead to more cooperation and longer lasting effects.

The article describes some of the work and problems that the United Nations peacekeeping efforts have had and more detail of the history of the United Nations, and includes ideas to "Think locally, act locally," for future directions towards peace: Why UN Peacekeeping is in Crisis, by Séverine Autesserre, Foreign Affairs, Jan/Feb 2019 issue, (

Similar problems have been seen with other nonprofit organization's work towards public health projects in less developed areas, true grass roots programs that work with the local people tend to be the most long lasting towards creating change,

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