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How are you feeling?

How are you feeling? Podcast transcripts, notes and reference lists.

How are you feeling? - Intro

How are you feeling? People ask you that, but do they really want to know? And do you even know? It can really help your health and your mood, to think about how you are feeling and to notice what makes you feel better, and what makes you feel worse.


This podcast series is about feelings, physical and emotional, and what might be going on in our bodies to cause those feelings. Often our body is trying to talk to us - pain is telling us to stop something that is hurting us. Hunger tells us we need to eat, but what and how much?


Nutrition is my speciality and feelings that may be due to nutritional deficiencies - specific types of hunger - will be a focus in addition to other types of feelings.


Thanks for listening.

I’ll be looking forward to learning about how you are feeling, email:

Feelings are Wordless
Do they really want to know?
Koko and Climate Despair
Hangry and Hanxious
Hangry & Hanxious, part 2, overview.
NMDA receptors & Dopamine
Intermittent Fasting, benefits & cautions.
Perseverance & Self Control
Crankiness: Hot, thirsty, hormonal?
Crankiness: hot & thirsty health risks.
Crankiness: Lack of sleep.
Mindfulness - calm during the storm.
Curiosity, an overview
Curiosity & Intrinsic Motivation
Curiosity Types & UX Design
Problem Solving & Terpenes
Problem Solving & Stress
Forest bathing, Terpenes, & Stress Reduction
Love & Forgiveness
Forgiveness, the scent of violets
Love Flavor & Fragrance (the Healing & Stress Teeter-Totter)
Nrf2 - The Grocery List
Fear and Immunity - COVID-19
Infection, Panic, Self-care, and Unity - COVID-19
Ether Pop - acapella singing
Ether Pop - Universal Consciousness (singing)
Salt to Taste - Getting to know our taste receptors can help health.
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