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Hello, Peace is Happy!

Peace and Happiness are intertwined, and both are related to personal attitudes about life,

but both can be affected by the attitudes of those around us and society. 

It can be challenging to feel at peace or to feel happy when tired or hungry, 

or in the middle of a stressful or dangerous environment, however humans can cope.

Victor Frankl and Nelson Mandela both learned while being confined

in a WWII concentration camp or a South African jail. How could they?

Victor Frankl wrote that having a sense of purpose, a goal to leave for the future, 

was what helped him stay focused on learning from his hardships. 

He recorded the physical changes caused by starvation he observed in himself 

while imprisoned. His medical findings have been useful for generations since.

Sometimes happiness is as simple as enjoying cloud patterns in the sky, 

sometimes peace is smiling at a stranger or just because smiling feels cheerful.

This website is a collection of topics  that all may help support a peaceful society

by supporting individual health and happiness - the pursuit of a sense of purpose - 

or is that the pursuit of happiness?

Is peace: adequate food, clean water and air, shelter from the sun or the cold, a job that pays

a livable wage, the right to love and marry who you want, and the right to pursue goals?

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Green House
Jennifer Depew, R.D.

Founder & CEO

Nutrition counselor with experience helping prenatal and early childhood clients in a public health setting and geriatric clients in residential and home health care settings; & quantity food preparation & safety.

Positions open - for everyone!

Promoting peace - every day!

We all can be promoters of peace just by smiling and sharing a kind word. The act of smiling, physically, can cause an increase in positive mood hormones, and like yawning, may lead to others smiling too!

Smiles are contagious, share joy! 

Virtual links around the web.

A world of possibility.

This site is a doorway to more information elsewhere, resources built by people and agencies around the world. The link below is a site with a focus on policy development. and preventative health care. 

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