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Updated: Oct 18, 2022

I have added another post to the Forum Topic Peace is Freedom to Love - Peace is freedom to love yourself and to help yourself. ( Can we be too helpful for others, at our own expense? Yes according to Dr. Gabor Mate, and it may be a response to lack of nurturing in early childhood.

People need connection and it is nice to help others. It is also a need to help ourselves with daily self care. Self care is not about spa treatments for rich women. It is about getting three balanced meals and snacks prepared each day. It is about washing and moisturizing our skin. It is about exercising and getting full spectrum light during the day.

How could this site be more helpful to members? I am not sure. Would email updates or a newsletter be of interest? My technical skills are limited regarding emailing large groups, as well as my time to learn how - goals. I have been writing more on SubStack which automatically emails subscribers. Recent post: Breathe out carbon, lose weight. <- the catch is that we need our mitochondria to be burning energy with the more efficient Citric Acid Cycle instead of fermentation.

Peace during difficult times may take some stepping back from modern life and just standing barefoot on some clear earth. (earthing/grounding) Reconnecting with nature and the planet can be healing as it helps our electrical fields be more in sync with the planet's vibrations or just less chaotic and anxious.

Shoes are also a toe trap. We are meant to use our toes more when we walk than shoes typically allow.

  • How to fix bunions - by wearing different shoes and using silicon toe dividers, and walking differently - more on the inner side of the foot and big toe, than on the outer edge, Youtube/Barefoot Strength.

Modern life is too much a staged show. Looks are not everything and disappear in the dark. Is it civilized to expect girls and women to wear potentially toxic cosmetics every day? Is painting our faces a sign of civility or a sign of primitive mating rituals? Why are high heels a thing? They are disabling even more than other shoes.

Excerpt from a post by Caitlin Johnstone, Our Entire Civilization Is Fake And Stupid (Sept 8, 2022):

"This is what Terence McKenna was talking about when he said "The cost of sanity in this society is a certain level of alienation." And it's what Jiddu Krishnamurti was pointing at when he said "It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society."
And that's not your fault. It's not your fault that you were born into this world where so much of everything is fake and stupid. So be gentle with yourself in your sense of alienation. And take comfort in knowing that others see what you're seeing too." - Caitlin Johnstone (SubStack)

Hard to disagree with the claim - modern life does seem fake and stupid. But that is not a very peaceful thought.

Baby's laughter is a peaceful thought. The dance of sunlight on rippling waves is a peaceful thought. Warm soup and crusty fresh baked goods are a peaceful thought. Sharing food with family and friends is too.

The Fear-demic media and government messaging has splintered society into pockets of division - divided by fear or common sense. Terrain theory suggests that fearing infection from others is wrong/false/fake compared to accepting that your ill health is because you are not healthy.

The most important concept in biology/physics is that of entropy and homeostasis. There will always be movement towards disorganization in a system. Life is organization and balance - homeostasis. The roller coaster ups and downs of life are a rhythmic wave when in balance, in sync. Extremes become a life with depression or panic or mania - the roller coaster is too exciting for long term health - a crash is likely of some sort.

Peace is happy and it is more difficult when unhealthy. My own rollercoaster has been too extreme lately and my health did crash into chicken/sunburn pox and along the way I learned that taking my high dose niacin at consistent times is VERY IMPORTANT for me to have a consistent mood. Forgetting too often becomes like withdrawing suddenly from serotonin as having plenty of niacin preserves tryptophan for conversion into serotonin. My deNutrients SubStack has a series about the many things that seem to cause "pox". Vaccine trials did not seem that protective either. The post I mentioned earlier is part of the series and includes the serotonin deficiency info. Recent post: Breathe out carbon, lose weight. Niacin and mitochondrial support nutrients can help us breathe out more carbon due to more efficient energy production - and bonus provide us more energy for daily helping others or ourselves.

Fermentation produces less energy in the form of ATP and does not produce carbon dioxide which the Citric Acid/Krebs cycle does produce - six per this graphic depiction on

Cellular Respiration - The Krebs cycle,

This post wandered around the block a couple times picking daisies. Welcome new members!

Peace be with you all. Namaste.

Disclaimer: Opinions are my own and the information is provided for educational purposes within the guidelines of fair use. While I am a Registered Dietitian this information is not intended to provide individual health guidance. Please see a health professional for individual health care purposes.


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