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Geert's predictions? take heed?

Updated: Apr 26

I was asked what I thought about Geert Vanden Bossche’s latest dire predictions.

  • You can read his Substack - Society in highly C-19 vaccinated countries will be caught off guard!, Geert Vanden Bossche, April 10, 2024, (Substack)

I think Geert has valid points - the jabbed are due for immune collapse so they will be breeding grounds for bad terrain of who knows what sort.

  • Prophylactic preventive care could be herbal and nutrient and functional food instead of just Ivermectin though.

  • And I recommend salt crystal lamps for negative ions to help sterilize the air. Diffusing or cleaning with essential oils would help that too.

  • I would also avoid crowded holiday travel, or bad air circulation type of situations. The air above the crowd can be a breeding ground for new variants that might become worse and infect the crowd below. RNA virus are quasispecies, so media headlines talking about that as if it is new are fear-mongering to bring it up as if new or abnormal for RNA virus. Note the work by @Harvard2TheBigHouse on quasiswarm in avian populations - overcrowded factory farming and his CoV info.

This Natural News article by Ethan Hoff about Geert's warning, is big on scare and short on detail.

That we are seeing Turbocancer does suggest immune collapse is happening too. This is kind of predicted. Stocking up on beans and rice or your equivalent would be good in addition to taking pomegranate or citrus peel equivalents (antimicrobial/mineral chelators)

The sudden avian flu that can infect cows, cats, and humans is slightly suspicious but isn't quite what Geert is warning about. The jabbed will be susceptible to anything that goes around though, if immune compromised is an underlying issue.

Time counts - time elapsed since the jabs. The immune T cells are likely depleted.

In my own circle of real world (small world) a couple people have gotten covid again. Dementia seems worse in my older jabbed relatives and other health problems have occurred. We may not get one 'epidemic' swamping health systems, just a steady trickle of sicker people with varied types of illness.

My mother and I have both had shingles occasionally since CoV injection season started, spring 2021 (she got jabbed, I got passive exposure illness).

Strategies for shingles that I used:

Black seed oil topically helped immensely with the pain and itching and it made my littler spots just flatten and go away. Larger sunburn related spots that blistered took a little longer and cool compresses were soothing. *Not an ice pack, just a cool, damp cloth, freshen as needed.

Peace be with you all - the mental armor of calm does count.

Related, the W.H.O. and U.N. are something to be concerned about.

This is a nine minute video worth watching: Cutting the Head Off the Snake in Geneva,

Meryl Ness has a lot of posts on the topic of the W.H.O. power grab. This is the most recent - fraudulent voting anyone?

Meryl’s COVID Newsletter - WHO members must call for a true roll call vote to make the nations and their delegates accountable for their votes. (Substack)

"The WHO Constitution put in place a method to allow secret ballots, then once cast, to move those ballots to another room for counting while the World Health Assembly plenary session continues…" -· Meryl Nass, (Substack)

The following Reference Section is from a lengthy post about Spike Protein Risks & Aids - Summary Page (Substack) - It is a summary, but of a really long topic.

The graphic is from a presentation/course idea - No Virus? What then? Exploring Exosomes, Liposomes, and “Virus"” (link for viewing)

No Virus? What then? Exploring Exosomes, Liposomes, and “Virus”.

About Cellular Serial Passage for bioengineering viral mutations:

We don't have a smoking gun, we have a smoking mink pandemic - serial passaging in ferrets and mice must have been used to develop the ACE2 receptor mutations in the SARS-COV-2 spike sequence. Ferrets are very similar to minks, and mink populations have been the only ones that have been very susceptible to the SARS-CoV-2 virus - and they were very susceptible - suggesting that ferrets were used to increase the reactivity of the spike protein with the ACE2 receptors in humans and ferrets. Ferrets were chosen because there are close similarities to humans in the reactions to SARS coronavirus.

This topic was discussed in part, in the introduction of Spike Protein Risks & Aids - Summary Page (Substack) - the CoV injections are more likely to promote mutations due to the limited number of proteins included (the spike protein), as well as being likely to induce a non-neutralizing type of antibody that would make a future infection more dangerous instead of a neutralized non-risk - ADE, Antibody-dependent enhancement [of virulence].

  • Karthik K, Senthilkumar TMA, Udhayavel S, Raj GD. Role of antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) in the virulence of SARS-CoV-2 and its mitigation strategies for the development of vaccines and immunotherapies to counter COVID-19. Hum Vaccin Immunother. 2020 Dec 1;16(12):3055-3060. doi: 10.1080/21645515.2020.1796425. Epub 2020 Aug 26. PMID: 32845733; PMCID: PMC7484565.

Disclaimer This information is being provided for educational purposes within the guidelines of Fair Use and is not intended to provide individual health guidance.

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Peace be with you.


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