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Peace is feeling at home in oneself.

Thich Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist monk, speaks about modern loneliness and how seeking connection on devices will not be the connection we need. Our first step he says is to seek that feeling of "home" in our own body, our own self. Until we connect we our inner self, we will not be "at home" for connections with anyone else.

Seek peace within and feel joy in having a home, a body, to reside in, no matter where you are.

Loneliness and the Illusion of Connection | Thich Nhat Hanh, 2012.12.13 (Youtube)

Traveling a lot with my car set up as a mini-camper helped me to reach a point of feeling at home no matter where I was - I had my basic needs with me - turtle power! It was quite liberating to feel that I would be okay wherever I happened to be.

Peace be with you!

Disclaimer: Opinions are my own and the information is provided for educational purposes within the guidelines of fair use. While I am a Registered Dietitian this information is not intended to provide individual health guidance. Please see a health professional for individual health care purposes.


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