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Peace might be a dome home.

Helping the planet will take cooperation and change. A list of twenty ways we could help reduce CO2 and other climate change gases from entering the atmosphere and causing long term warming was created by a group called Project Drawdown.

Number one on the list is changing the gas that is used in air conditioners and refrigerators. HFCs - hydrofluorcarbons, are a type of gas that also causes warming of the atmosphere in addition to CO2. Other strategies on the top 20 list include changing how food is grown with recycling of phosphorus and nitrogen with natural fertilizers and using food more efficiently, throwing away less and packaging it in bulk or biodgradable containers.

Use of geothermal and nuclear energy make the list and so does improving access of education and family planning methods for girls and families. Spacing pregnancies farther apart and delaying early pregnancies can be healthier for women and for the children. Healthier families of moderate size requires less nonrenewable resources.

A video is included at the end of the article about a prototype design for easy to assemble, weather and natural disaster resistant, dome homes. The homes can be put together in a few different shapes from preformed pieces and the dome roof effect retains heat more easily requiring lower heating costs.

  • For more about the list of top twenty strategies recommended by Project Drawdown to reduce human effects on the atmosphere and climate, or to see the video about Japanese Dome Homes, see: "How to prevent climate change to avoid natural disasters and pollution," (2018) Business Insider.

  • For contact information and to see drawings of how the dome houses can be assembled in smaller or larger structures see, "Japan Dome Home,"

  • Disclaimer: Opinions are my own and the information is provided for educational purposes within the guidelines of fair use. While I am a Registered Dietitian this information is not intended to provide individual health guidance. Please see a health professional for individual health care purposes.


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